Duminda wants investigation into Welgama’s serious allegations

Minister Duminda Dissanayake today requested police investigative agencies to investigate the ‘serious allegations’ which were recently leveled by Joint Opposition MP Kumara Welgama against a fellow parliamentarian.

If a former minister, a responsible person and Member of
Parliament is accusing a certain individual that he has ‘blood on his hands’ and is responsible for certain actions, these important statements must be investigated, he told reporters in Colombo today.

Welgama, speaking to media recently, had claimed that MP Gamini Lokuge was responsible for burning down the Jaffna Library. Welgama had gone on to make further allegations against the fellow Joint Opposition.

Minister of Disaster Management Duminda Dissanayake stated that the relevant institutions must carry out investigations regarding these serious allegations to determine whether they are the true or false.

Because if these are true, and these people are responsible for such acts they must receive punishment, he said.

“Every statement made by Kumara Welgama are important statements. Like me, he is someone who speaks directly. Someone who is unafraid to speak him mind. He is not someone who speaks while thinking about his future. He speaks true to his heart. That is why I have always respected him,” Dissanayake said.