Dissolving Director Boards - Decision not unusual: Harin

The decision to dissolve the Boards of Directors of the Board of Investments (BOI), the Bank of Ceylon and the People’s Bank was planned some time back in keeping with the requirement to change them every two and a half years, UNP Spokesman and Minister,
Harin Fernando said yesterday.

He told a media briefing that what was done was the practise followed for some time.

“The usual norm is to change the boards of institutions such as BOI every two and half years,” the minister said while highlighting the fact that there was no serious rift between the President and the Prime Minister,” the minister said and added that the devil is not so black as it's shown to be.

When asked whether the relevant ministers had discussions with the President on this matter, he said the ministers were engaged in regular dialogue with the president to see that capable people were included in the boards.

Mr. Fernando mentioned that the President had the power to dissolve the boards of directors. (Yohan Perera)