SLC elections before end of December - Faiszer

Minister of Sports Faiszer Musthapha says that he believes Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) elections can be held before the end of December this year.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had recently instructed the minister to make necessary arrangements to conduct elections to
elect office Bearers to SLC on or before February 9, 2019 when he met with its Chairman and CEO in Dubai.

“Although I have been given time until February 9, I will hold the elections as soon as possible. I intend to issue the regulation by next week or the week after.”

“I believe we can hold the election before the end of December,” he said speaking to reporters.

The ICC and the minister had also agreed on appointing a Management committee which will consist of four independent members together with the Competent Authority, to manage the affairs of SLC until the elections are conducted.

When asked about appointing members to the said committee, Musthapha said that while he has not taken a decision on who will be appointed yet, he can guarantee that they will no connection to cricket.

“I plan on appointing four talented individuals from the administration field in the private sector, but I intend on appointing individuals who have no connection with cricket,” the minister said.

The reason for this, he said is due to the fact that knowledge about cricket is not necessa