Police Officer Flatly Disregards DIG's Request: Attempts To Assault Person For Recording Conversation With Traffic Police [Video]

A Police officer attached to the Narahenpita Police station has been caught on camera attempting to assault a person who was trying to video-record his conversation with the Traffic Police.

The vehicle owner, who attempted to record the conversation, said
he was unfairly stopped by the Police and that he did not violate any traffic law.

At that point, the Police officer ordered the person to stop video-recording the incident and to move the camera away.

The vehicle owner then argued saying the Police had no right to stop him from video-recording the conversation.

A few seconds later, the Police officer grabbed the phone of the vehicle owner and attempted to assault him.

DIG in charge of Motor Traffic Ajith Rohana, making a public statement last week, said the public had every right to video or audio record their interactions with Traffic police officers on the street.

"Don't be hesitant to record what they do. If you are in the middle of a discussion with an officer and you can't video record the conversation, at least leave the audio record on," the senior Police officer said.

Such evidence, he said, could be used to prevent misconduct on the part of the Police officers on duty.

The DIG, a former Police Media Spokesman and a lawyer, also requested the public to send such videos to him via e-mail and promised swift investigations.

However, it is now clear that the Police officer attached to the Narahenpita Police station had flatly disregarded the DIG’s order and those who attempt to video record their encounters with the Traffic Police run the risk of being assaulted.