Governor rules out purchase of expensive chairs

The purchase of chairs invoiced at Rs. 644,000 each for the use of the new Western Provincial Council Chamber had been completely stopped by the Western Province Governor Hema Kumara Nanayakkara basing on allegations that there had been an irregularity in the process of procurement of these chairs.

The Governor’s attention has also been drawn to the fact that with
the termination of this purchase if there arises any loss , such loss is to be recovered from those who were involved in this matter .

The committee which was appointed to inquire into this purchase of luxury chairs for the council had reported many errors in the procurement process and the governor on an earlier occasion stated to the media that he is hopeful in summoning all parties responsible and questioning them. Accordingly whole of yesterday the Governor had discussed with officials who were serving in various units and public representatives in order to ascertain whether there were any shortcomings in the procurement process. (Muditha Dayananda and Jayantha samarakoon)