Rs. 200, 000 to 55 MPs is a bribe: NFF

The Government’s decision to give Rs. 200, 000 each month as transport allowance to 55 MPs was a bribe to those MPs, National Freedom Front (NFF) alleged today.

 Addressing a news briefing, NFF Propaganda Secretary Muhammad Muzammil said since the Government was struggling
to secure power and because it was in need of the participation and help of more MPs, it had promised this amount to be given to those MPs to gain their support.

 “At this juncture, the Government has realized that it lacks the support of the general public. Therefore, it thinks that the only option is to get the support of the MPs,” Muzammil said

“The MPs are being deceived promising that they would be given funds to monitor the development projects. However, the hidden agenda of the Government is to gain support to overcome power struggle,” he added. (Sheain Fernandopulle)