No Nagadeepa in the North - Wigneshwaran

The Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran has ordered all officers in Jaffna to ensure that priority is given to the Tamil language on street and village sign boards and the Tamil names should be written in proper Tamil.

The Chief Minister had said this during a meeting held with a group
of Jaffna Provincial Councilors in Jaffna on August 18.

He noted that it was a serious offence to display translated Tamil names into Sinhala on the name boards of many villages on the directions of the Buddhist Bikkhus and the Security Forces.

Citing many examples, the Chief Minister had pointed out to his officers that there is no ‘Nagadeepa’ in the North but only ‘Nainatheevu’, adding that one sign board in Jaffna regarding the road to Nagadeepa was completely incorrect.

He had issued instructions to rectify the errors of these sign boards, adding that as the majority of the population in Jaffna are Tamils these road signs and street names should first be displayed in Tamil, then English as there are many foreigners who visit the area and then in Sinhala.