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Muthurajawela destroyed disregarding President’s orders

Disregarding presidential orders banning the filling, sand excavation and construction on the Muthurajawela wet lands environmental destroyers are already destroying hundreds of acres of this eco system.

This land area is located East of the Colombo – Katunayake expressway and West of the Colombo – Negombo highway in the Ja-Ela Divisional Secretariat division covering the
Wahatiyagama, Dehiyagatha, Delathura, Pattiyagodella and Dandugama areas. The environmental destruction is said to be done by a person who was convicted of the same offence previously and is said to be a representative of a very powerful businessman in the country.

As a result of the protests carried out by the residents of the Muthurajawela area, several of them are now in custody and it is said that underworld gang members are being sent to control the protests by the residents.

The residents are totally disgusted with the mass destruction of the Muthurajawela wetlands and mangroves and disgruntled and surprised at the complete silence of the environmental groups regarding this grave crime, which is considered the greatest environmental destruction in recent times.

They claim that the assurances given by the President to save the Muthurajawela wetlands is nothing but an empty promise and a waste of even the fuel expenses to get there.

Even the STF officers deployed by him to protect Muthurajawela have disappeared without a trace, they charged.