JO attempts to swindle people: UNP

The Joint Opposition was attempting to create false ideologies on the matters pertaining to the affairs of the country especially on the Free Trade Agreement between Sri Lanka and Singapore, UNP MP Harshana Rajakaruna said.

Addressing a news briefing, he said the JO members were taking
important State affairs for granted rather accomplishing their due role as an Opposition parties.

“The role of the Opposition is to make constructive criticism on the matters with regard to the Government. But what this JO is doing, is not what is expected of them,” the MP said.

“The JO members are making false statements on the Singapore-Sri Lanka FTA. It seems that either they have not comprehended what actually contains in this agreement or they pretend to be ignorant on this matter,” the MP added.

He said the JO members, being the MPs, who represent people, should act in a more responsible manner.

Meanwhile, he said henchmen of the Rajapaksas were behind the anti-government activities that were taking place against this Government.(Sheain Fernandopulle)