Enough books of spot-fine sheets distributed: SP Hapugoda

Traffic police personnel can in no way refuse to issue spot-fines because sufficient books of spot-fine sheets have been distributed to all police stations in the country, Traffic Administration and Road Safety Director SP Indika Hapugoda said.

He said they had received several complaints about a video footage that had gone viral on social media, where a traffic police officer
had refused to issue a spot fine to a motorist because the officer had run out of spot-fine sheets. He said immediate disciplinary action would be taken against the officer concerned.

“Books containing spot-fine sheets have been distributed among 489 police stations in 42 police divisions in the country. If a police station has run out of these books, it can request for new books from the police headquarters or borrow them from the nearest police station. Despite having sufficient stocks, another 100,000 books of spot-fine sheets are being printed,” he said. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)