Comprehensive programme to eliminate disparities in the development – President

President Maithripala Sirisena says a comprehensive programme will be launched to attain balanced development in the country ,eliminating the disparities in the development of regions of the country, which has resulted due to the development that was limited to some parts of the country during the past era.

The President made these remarks participating in a ceremony to
open the newly constructed school building at the Diulankadawala Central College, on Wednesday (01). The inauguration ceremony of the vesting of 180 development projects, which have been completed under the “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa (Awakening of Polonnaruwa)” District Development Programme, in the public commenced at the Diulankadawala Central College.

Rs. 6,000 million has been allocated for the “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa” District Development Programme, it is the largest amount allocated for the development of the Polonnaruwa district after the era of the ancient Sinhala Kings. Through this project, at present many development projects have been completed and vested in the public and within these three days another 180 projects are to be vested in the public.

Under this programme a number of religious, educational, health and various other projects have been completed in the Hingurakgoda, Medirigiriya and Elahera Divisional Secretariats Divisions. 60 new development projects will be vested in the public with the participation of ministers, academics and artistes.

Addressing the gathering, the President further stated that this mega developmental battle will be initiated in all parts of the Island, not only in Polonnaruwa. The President pointed out that this programme will identify the needs of the people and it is a people centric development which will make prosperous the lives of the people.