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President to sign death penalties on drug traffickers

President Maithripala Sirisena says he will sign to implement the death sentences on criminals convicted of drug related offences, who are still involved in drug trafficking in the country from within prisons.

He said that from their experiences in the past couple of years they know that a vast majority of Sri Lanka’s drug racketeers especially
those who engage in trafficking heroin and ecstasy pills, continue to operate drug networks even after they caught and punished by the court of law.

There are inmates in prisons who have been sentenced to death after being found guilty due to drugs such as cocaine, hashish, marijuana. Those who have been sentenced to death are trafficking and distributing drugs in the country while in prison, he said.

The President stated that therefore he proposed to the Cabinet of Minister yesterday to implement the death penalty such individuals and that last evening he requested the Justice Ministry to take necessary steps.

“There could be a lot of debate over it as a Buddhist. But the President has to sign to implement the death penalty on those who have been sentenced to death,” he said speaking during an event in Getambe today (11).

The President said that he believe that he will not be committing a sin and that he will do it for the entire society, the country and on behalf of the future generations.

“I will use my signature to execute the death penalty on those who have been sentenced to death because of drugs are engaged in large scale drug rackets even after being sentenced to death.”

He stated that it is clear there is no other option and that the punishment is insufficient.