PC polls under old system or new mixed system: Parliament should decide

The Chairman of the Elections Commission Mahinda Deshapriya said that unless a system is decided upon by the Parliament, the Provincial Council Elections cannot be held in whatever manner.

In reply to a query made by our sister paper Lankadeepa, Deshapriya said that it is the Parliament that should decide whether
the Provincial Councils are to be held under the old preferential system or under the new mixed system, and until the Parliament arrives at a decision and clears legal barriers, the election commission is unable to do anything.

If the elections are to be held under the new mixed system, the delimitation report has to be approved by Parliament, otherwise, if it is to be held under the old preferential system the new Act has to be abolished. Both these decisions have to be taken by the Parliament and it is now in the hands of the 225 members including the Speaker and the Prime Minister.

Some Politicians are saying that the Election Commission can hold elections. This is a complete canard. A system has to be decided upon and intimated to us until that time we cannot do anything.

He also said that the commission feels regretted over the Provincial Elections getting postponed. Delay in holding elections is wrong. Under Democracy the base of ruling power is peoples wish, which is expressed through an election. Therefore postponing elections is undemocratic Deshapriya further said. (Ranjan Kasthuri)