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PC elections should be held immediately under new or old systems: TNA

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) asserted yesterday that the government should enact new electoral reforms within the next two months to conduct the elections to the three provincial councils which are already overdue, or else revert to the old system to do so without any further delay.

The terms of the Eastern, North-central and Sabaragamuwa
Provincial Councils ended in October last year. However, the government enacted a new piece of legislation in the form of an amendment to the Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment) Act to introduce a new electoral system. The elections to these councils are withheld since then, pending the incorporation of these electoral reforms. The TNA is also a political entity that supported this exercise in Parliament at that time.

TNA MP for the Jaffna District M.A. Sumanthiran told Daily Mirror though the elections should be conducted, the laws were not in place for the purpose at the moment.

“The only way to hold elections is to resolve that issue immediately. It must be done within the next one or two months. If it cannot be done in two months, the government must repeal the amendment that caused this problem and hold the elections under the old system. Then, we can discuss the reforms leisurely. We are for reforms. But, they should not be used to delay elections,” he said.

Asked about elections in the North, he said the council was yet to be dissolved. Asked whether the TNA would nominate current Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran as the would be candidate, he said it was a failed project done last time. (Kelum Bandara)