Speaker clarifies rumors regarding Bond Commission reports

The Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya has spoken at the Parliament today (07), to clarify the allegations and reports spreading within and outside of the Parliament regarding the Bond Commission reports.

He says that it is regretful to mention that these allegations have
tarnished the good name of the members of the Parliament, the Parliament and the country in general.

The number of MPs who had received money from Aloysius had been increased to 166 in some allegations while some slandered certain respected personalities in the civil organizations, according to the Speaker.

He requested everyone including the media to put a halt to these endless maligns.

With the support of the Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police, the President’s Secretariat will produce all the documents which should be included in the Bond Commission report to him, as soon as he returns to the country, stated the Speaker.

He further stated that, relevant divisions have informed him that there are no lists of MPs or anyone who received money from Aloysius.

The Police had informed him that the allegations saying 25 security officers were questioned are also false, says Jayasuriya.

We remorsefully recall the incident of violence due to the allegations of infertility pills and the current condition is also harmful to the country, he said.

Stating that certain MPs have begun signing affidavits and making statements to the media saying that they have not received money, the speaker also said that it is unnecessary to take such action.

We only have to obey our conscience, he added.

If these incidents are reported during Bond investigation, the police have informed that they will take immediate action; therefore, he requests all parties and media to act wisely and responsibly, stated the Speaker.