Put me in jail if I have I am a thief – Namal

Had I taken just one hundred rupees from Aloysius, I too am a suspect according to Yahapalanaya, stated MP Namal Rajapaksa.

He made this comment at a press conference held in Vitharandeniya area, last morning (25).

The ones who pointed fingers at them are now selling Aloysius’
arrack, says the MP.

Only a part of who took money from Aloysius has been revealed, and along with emptying banks, there are more thefts of this government, according to the MP.

MP Rajapaksa tells to imprison him if he has taken calls to Aloysius or taken money. However, imprison him along with the other who took the money so they can all stay together, says Rajapaksa.

Afterwards, MP Namla Rajapaksa joined a flyer distribution campaign which was held to educate the public.

He stated that these handouts are being distributed throughout the country to educate the public on the corruptions of the current government and the postponement of elections.