JO cry foul over SLRC critique of some MPs

Joint Opposition MPs yesterday complained that State TV station SLRC had violated their Parliamentary Privileges by opposing them at a programme, which was telecasted last morning.

MP Ranjith Soysa said himself and MP Sisira Jayakody were
attacked by the SLRC last morning.

“We named few persons who had allegedly obtained cheques from Perpetual Treasuries Chief in the House on Thursday and we heard these people participating in a TV programme telecasted on national TV Channel attacking us in abusive language. This is a violation of our Parliamentary Privileges,” he said.

He said names of those who have transacted with Aloysius should be revealed as soon as possible.

“They said 118 people have obtained cheques and also now they say 166 have encashed cheques received from Aloysius and we request you to reveal their names,” he added.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said there were no such lists.

“The Police and other sources have informed me that there was no such list. There is no point in talking about this in the House every morning,” he said.

MP Kanchana Weerasekera said one State Minister’s name had been revealed following disclosures made by their Personal Security Officers. Also, he said a prominent person in the Government had told the IGP not to produce B Reports on any MPs.

The Speaker said carrying out of investigations were true but there was no such list available. (Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana)