Investing in new refinery system is better than establishing expressways - Arjuna

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga says that the best solution to manipulate the fuel prices is to establish a new refinery system.

He said his personal view is investing to a new refinery system is
better than establishing expressways. 

“No one has developed the refinery. We will be able to save between 400-450 million dollars annually if there is a new refinery system. A new refinery system will cost around 2 or 3 billion dollars. We can cover the cost within 6 or 7 years.”

“I personally say, as the government they should give priority to the refinery system, not only to the expressways,” Ranatunga said, during the re-launch of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development website at the ministry premises, yesterday (22).

The minister also spoke about politicians and media institutions that are earning in the name of the country’s war heroes.

He said: “We live in peace because of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. I request from all politicians and media institutions not to earn in the name of the soldiers. Also, I request from soldiers not to let politicians to earn using their names. All of us should respect soldiers irrespective of their political parties. Compared to the ex-government, our government has treated soldiers well. Soldiers cleaned drainages under the ex-government. That system was changed now. We highly honor the soldiers under our government.”