Don’t use war heroes for personal agendas: Army Chief

War heroes must not be manipulated to serve narrow objectives and personal agendas, nor should they be incited to resort to emotional and anti-social acts, Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake said.

Lieutenant General Senanayake said nine years have passed since the eradication of terrorism from the country and he firmly believed the freedom thus gained should be shared not by
exaggerated glorification or through mere rhetoric and hyperbole but by showing our sentiments of deep gratitude to fallen war heroes and civilians who rooted terrorism out.

In a statement issued in connection with the National War Heroes' Day, the Commander said many numbers of fearless war heroes during the course of 30 years sacrificed their valuable lives, sweat and blood to decide on our future.

“More than 28,000 security personnel made the supreme sacrifice in defence of the motherland, thus enabling all Sri Lankans to enjoy the present day's spirits of freedom.

They all sighed their last breath to the air on that day, expecting ever-lasting bonds of peace and reconciliation would prevail,” the Army Commander said.