A Supreme Court fundamental rights petition against the Uva CM

The Principal of Tamil Girls’ Maha Vidyalaya, Badulla has filed a fundamental rights petition at the Supreme Court saying that the Uva Province Chief Minister has violated her fundamental rights by forcing her to kneel before him.

Principal R. Bhavani has named 8 persons including Uva Chief
Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake and Uva Provincial Secretary of Education as the respondents to her petition.

The petitioner states that the Uva CM subjected her to inhumane treatment at his house after accusing her of not enrolling a child of one of his supporters to the school.

She further stated that to avoid the threats and influences of the CM, she had to kneel and apologize before him.

Although investigations are being conducted on this, none of them did her justice, said the Principal.

She petitioned requesting the Supreme Court to rule the Chief Minister’s behavior as a violation of her fundamental rights and an appropriate compensation to be charged from him.