SLFP Ministers to boycott today’s Cabinet meeting

The SLFP Central Committee met at President’s official residence in Colombo last night and all SLFP ministers decided to boycott today’s Cabinet meeting.

The decision was taken in protest against the UNP Ministers who were continuously insulting the SLFP ministers as well as the UNP
demand for the SLFP MPs who voted in favour of the No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister to resign, a senior minister said.

Accordingly, as a courtesy, other SLFP Cabinet ministers will also boycott the today’s cabinet meeting with the 16 Cabinet Ministers who voted in favour of the no-confidence motion.

Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa had proposed during the meeting that the SLFP ministers should quit the government and the proposal was seconded by Minister S.B. Dissanayake. The majority were later of the view that they should quit the government. A full report compiled by 16-Cabinet ministers was also submitted at the CC meeting last night.

At that time, the President has said that without rushing into any decision, a collective decision should be taken as a party and expressed the importance of taking collective decisions by all 41 SLFP MPs.

The SLFP Central Committee is to meet next Wednesday and take a decision on whether they would quit the government or not. (Ajantha Kumara Agalakada)