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More exit points on E01 during new year

More exit points are to be opened at Pinnaduwa and Godagama interchanges on the Southern Expressway (E01) during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Expressway Operation Maintenance and Management Division said yesterday.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Southern Expressway Deputy
Director R.A.D. Kahatapitiya said the decision was taken to minimise the traffic congestion at the exit points.

“One exit point will be added more to the Pinnaduwa and Godagama interchanges while converting entrance points as exits or changing two-way exit and entrance points as exits. The number of exit points would be increased considering the traffic congestion,” he said.

Mr. Kahatapitiya said the drivers who use the expressways for the first time should be cautious to check their vehicle conditions.

“People who use the expressway for the first time should consider their vehicles tyre condition, fuel and radiator water levels before entering. More people will use the expressways to return to their homes during the new year. Sudden breakdowns will take more time consuming to reach the expressways maintenance,” Mr. Kahatapitiya said.

Vehicles will be compelled to maintain maximum speed to 100 kmph and the drivers exceeding the limit will be fined,” he said. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)