Crowd-funding page to raise funds for Renuka’s son

The Toronto Maha Vihara Buddhist temple has set up a crowd-funding page to raise funds for the 7-year-old son of Renuka Amarasinghe, the Sri Lankan born single mother who was killed when a van ploughed down a crowded Toronto side walk on Monday running over pedestrians.

The tragic accident claimed 10 lives, including Ms. Amarasinghe,
while 15 others were injured.

According to the Lanka Reporter News of Canada, the Lotus Youth Council affiliated to the Toronto Maha Vihara Buddhist temple, together with the Ryerson University's Sri Lankan Students' Alliance, the Sri Lankan Student Association of the University of Toronto and Scarborough and Mahavihara had said they were aiming to raise funds for the victim’s son, Diyon.

In a statement on the ‘Go Fund Me’ website where the fund is being raised, the Lotus Youth Council Members said they will use the money to help Ms. Amarasinghe’s son Diyon with necessary expenses and set up a fund for his education.

“Diyon is a member of the Toronto Mahavihara Sunday School and has been in contact with members of the Lotus Youth Councils previously. The Toronto Mahavihara is a registered charity body under Revenue Canada for over 20 years (Charity No.119266898RR0001). The Lotus Youth Council is working with Renuka's lawyer and the Toronto Mahavihara temple to ensure all this funds would be utilised for Diyon's future,” it said.

According to the Go Fund Me website, as of last night, US$ 210,619 had been donated by 3970 people in a single day, exceeding the primary target of US$ 150,000.