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UNP will field new presidential candidate - Dilip

State Minister for Fishery and Aquatic Resource Development Dilip Wedaarachchi said yesterday that steps would be taken by the UNP to field a new candidate for the forthcoming Presidential Election and defeat the boasting Lotus flower bud (Pohottuwa).

Addressing an event at the UNP office in Tangalle, he said "there are certain political conditions that emerged through the prevailing
crises in the country. We feel that UNP supporters are going away from us. However, the general public has given us a red light during the local government elections for us to work more efficiently and solve the existing problems. That does not mean that the government should change but to change the existing system. Accordingly, we have decided to face the next elections more strongly with a new presidential candidate. “

He pointed out that the government could do away with the infamous history that had been created by the former rulers after coming to power within a very short time and that it would take longer to erase the black mark added through the opportunistic politics which had unleashed the flames of racial hatred among the communities. He emphasized the fact that, as a result of this situation it has adversely affected the tourist industry as well as some acute problems that have emerged in the economic, social and political fields. (Dileep Jayasekera and Chandrasena Gamage)