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Powerful minister’s Gold Coast dream!

A powerful Minister has been pressuring the Sports Ministry to make the necessary arrangements for him to attend the Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Gold Coast, Australia in April, according to internal sources.

This minister had strong connections with the sport of rugby and
had faced several allegations during the previous regime. Many of his relatives are also said to be living in Australia and as a result he is pressurizing the authorities to include him in the Common Wealth games tour party, it is reported.

Useless parties included in the tour party!

It is also reported that a person who claims to be employed at a private bank and who is supposed to be operating a dormant web site, is also included in the tour party to the Gold Coast.

The SL Olympic Committee has included persons claiming to be sports journalists who have not covered any sports events and sports club representatives who had supported the current Olympic Committee members to be elected have also been included in the group by the SL Olympic Committee, it is reported.

Further, those who had apparently voted against the current Olympic committee members are being targeted and omitted from this tour group, it is said.

As a result of this retaliatory action, the Manager of the SL beach volleyball team had been removed and this had been notified to the Sports Minister by the Vollyball Association.

The reason is said to be that the volleyball association is said to have voted against the current Olympic committee officials.

There are also allegations being levelled at the Olympic committee for delaying to disclose the large contingent named for the commonwealth games or the expenditure.

The team that has been put together for the commonwealth games has still not received the approval of the Sports Minister, while the Sports Ministry has objected to the persons who are said to have been named as the head and deputy in charge of the Sri Lankan contingent.

Under these circumstances, the Olympic committee is attempting to remove them as official members of the team and include them in the group as unofficial members.

There are allegations levelled that many friends of the current administrators of the Olympic committee have already obtained their Australian visas and among them there are even family members of these close friends of the current Olympic committee members.