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NISC urges Govt. to pass Judicature Bill

While stressing the need to pass the Judicature (Amendment) Act in Parliament so as to set up a permanent High Court-at-Bar to take action against fraud and corruption, National Intellectual Sangha Council (NISC) yesterday appealed to all political parties and
organizations, to extend their support to the Bill without disrupting the move.

NISC advisor Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera said they requested the Sri Lanka Bar Association (BASL) and other groups to stand firm and support the Bill without any hindrance.

The Thera told a news conference that setting up of a special court was the only solution to expedite the pending cases and added that most of the people are reluctant to file cases due to delay in the legal proceedings.

He said the Good Governance Government was deviating from its promise given to people at the last presidential election.

“We need to put the Government on the right track so that we can get our aspirations fulfilled. We expected that the Government would take action against the fraud and corruption as its first task but it had forgotten it,” said.

The Thera said developmental goals could not be achieved when the country’s judicial system was inefficient.

Ven. Hadigalle Vimalasara Thera said about 2,700 pending cases in courts could not be taken up under the prevailing judicial system and added that the proposed special court was vital for this.

He said some political forces had challenged the Bill in Supreme Court and that they had reasonable doubt whether they had done so because they were engaged in massive fraud and corruption.

“If there are any technical issues in the Bill, they should be rectified and passed it in Parliament. The case on the Central Bank Bond Scam should also be taken up in this court,” the Thera said. (Ajith Siriwardana)