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Perpetual Treasuries ready to re-purchase sold Bonds!

CEO of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd. (PTL) - Kasun Palisena says that if the Central Bank of Sri Lanka permits their company to purchase the Treasury Bonds back from the state entities they initially sold to, they are ‘willing to purchase the same at the same price in order
to prove’ that what the company sold had ‘in fact increased in value.’

He mentions this in a letter addressed to a Member of Parliament representing Colombo District. the letter has also been copied to the Presidential Secretariat, Governor - Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Auditor General as well as to the Sri Lankan offices of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Transparency International.

A breakdown of total gains, face value, ISIN breakdown and coupon arrest with regard to the Bond issue has also been annexed.

The full letter is shown below :