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Legal action against state officials failing to report for election duties

The Elections Commission says that legal action will be taken against state officials failing to report for election duties as scheduled and regarding state institutions which fail to provide officials.

Issuing a statement today, the commission said that it has received
information that certain state officials and employees, who are to be used for election duties at the Local Authorities Election to be held on February 10, are attempting to refrain from reporting to duties and releasing vehicle necessary for the election by presenting unfair reasoning.

The Elections Commission says that it is mandatory for all officials and employees appointed to elections duties to report to their respective duties while it is the non-negligible responsibility of the officials in charge of vehicles and heads of institutions to ensure that the necessary vehicles report to the respective districts. 

It warns that any state officials who is found to have violated the Election Commission regulation by failing to report to said duties are punishable by law and can face a fine of up to Rs 100,000 or a sentence of three years in prison or both.