Hashim’s secretary criticizes reinstatement decision

The parliamentary affairs secretary of UNP general secretary and minister Kabir Hashim has strongly criticized the president’s decision to reinstate the minister counselor (defence) at the Sri Lankan high commission in UK, Brig. Priyanka Fernando.

Dinuk Kolambage, in a facebook posting, said he would not support
the president hereafter.

His facebook posting says,

Recently the govt. took the decision to suspend a member of armed forces who is the defence attaché at our UK embassy.

His suspension comes following the gesturing of "throat slicing" to a group of protesters who were carrying the LTTE flag.

Two days after we celebrated 70 years of Independence many people are criticising his suspension and lauding his actions.

We must remember that he was a military representative of a country that has faced several UN resolutions accusing the military of human rights violations.

He was a representative of our country that, until 2015, was systematically distancing itself on the international stage due to these allegations.

He had an opportunity to portray us in the light of being a tolerant and unified nation.

He failed.

The govt. should be congratulated for putting aside political rhetoric on the eve of an election and instead having taken steps to do what is right for the country.

His suspension will show all living in our country that no one is above the law. The time of death threats against people, be it citizens or foreigners, is over.

The rule of law applies to all.