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SLFP probes its deal strikers with Aloysius!

The SLFP warns of disciplinary action against any of its MPs found to have had financial dealings with Perpetual Treasuries owner Arjun Aloysius.

General secretary of the party Duminda Dissanayake says there is
nothing wrong if they maintain friendships with Aloysius, but that they cannot gain any undue advantages from those connections.

Since nothing has so far been transpired to indicate that any SLFP MP has had financial dealings with the PT owner, Dissanayake says he has no need to inquire into their personal friendships.

He has told so to the ‘Resa’ newspaper that was launched today (11).

However, UNP minister P. Harrison has charged that Namal Rajapaksa and several other SLFP MPs have had connections with Aloysius.