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Govt purposely let rice stocks spoil to sell as animal food - Namal

MP Namal Rajapaksa claims that the government purposely allowed 5,000 MT of rice, donated by Indonesia after the floods in Sri Lanka, to spoil so that it can sell it as ‘animal food’ to get commissions.

He also claimed that the same is happening to the 10,000 MT of
rice donated by Pakistan, which according to him is spoiling at the harbour warehouse.

“Indonesia donated 5K MT of rice to Sri Lanka after floods. Our Gov purposely let it spoil to sell as animal food & get commissions.”

“Same is happening to 10K MT of rice donated by Pakistan. It’s now spoiling at the harbour warehouse. This is a crime!” the UPFA Hambantota District MP tweeted on Tuesday (9).

Rajapaksa charged that the government decided to feed animals the rice donated to the country, instead of feeding the masses that need it.

“When rice was donated to Sri Lanka, this Gov. decided to feed animals, not people who so desperately needed it.”

“Now, we are forced to import rice. The Gov. has willfully committed a crime against the people,” he said.