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CEYPETCO bans sale of ‘Lanka Kerosene’

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) today banned the distribution of the “ Lanka Kerosene Oil” (red color) to vehicles, factories, barrels and other wholesale distributions.

The CEYPETCO said that, out of the two types of Kerosene- “Industrial Kerosene” and “Lanka Kerosene”, the latter is used by
the fishing community and those with lower income households.

Accordingly, by circular number 987, the CEYPETCO had directed all dealers to stop distributing Lanka Kerosene to factories and other wholesale outlets, after discovering that many dealers have been distributing Lanka Kerosene instead of Industrial Kerosene.

The CEYPETCO said that it identified that dealers have been selling Lanka Kerosene instead of Industrial Kerosene in order to maximize profits as the former is given to dealers at a subsidized rate.

The circular directed all distributors to ensure that the subsidized kerosene was solely given to low income families and the fishing community.

Lanka Kerosene is red in color whilst industrial kerosene is colorless-