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Altercation in Parliament may have been planned – Speaker

The Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya revealed that the situation of turmoil that ensued at Parliament on January 10, may have been a planned event to instigate political instability.

Issuing a communique, the Speaker stated that the Parliamentary Security Division had reason to believe that the events that ensued
that day were planned by certain politicians.

The Speaker further stated that MP Dinesh Gunawardene had incessantly lamented over the delay of receiving the report on the Bond scandal.

During parliamentary sessions on January 10, the Speaker informed that house that the report will be presented to all members of Parliament on January 17.

 As soon as he made this statement MP Dinesh Gunawardene and several other members of the opposition caused a situation of unrest by entering the floor of the house to disrupt the Prime Minister from delivering his address.

The Speaker gravely condemned the actions of several parliamentarians that day, stating that they are supposed to set a peaceful and moral example to society.