Price reductions for essential foods yet to come into effect

It has been reported that the granting of concessionary rates to several essential food items as declared by the Minister of Finance, will take another few days to be fully implemented.

Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera declared that the prices
of several essential food items were to be reduced from midnight on November 8.

Reports confirm however that the gazette notification declaring these price reductions has not been circulated. Sources state that the gazette notification will be circulated within the course of next week.

 A final decision on the price reductions will be arrived at by the Consumer Council who will officially declare the concessions.

Accordingly, the price of 1kg of potatoes and 1kg of big onions will be reduced by Rs.39 and 1kg of dahl will be reduced by Rs.12.

Furthermore, the price of 1kg of sprats has been reduced by Rs.10 while the price of 1kg of dry fish has been reduced by Rs.50. The prices for coconut and vegetable oil will also be reduced by Rs.25.