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Mervyn Silva launches ‘Deshiya Janatha Pakshaya’

Former minister Mervyn Silva yesterday launched a new political party named ‘Deshiya Janatha Pakshaya’ at his residence in Colombo.

Following the launch, the former minister told a news conference that he had launched this political party in order to safeguard all
religions and nationalities.

While commenting on the new Constitution, he said that no one had requested for it and urged the government that it was mandatory to develop the country than forming a new Constitution.

“This government is talking a lot about the reconciliation. Reconciliation is existent in the country since the past. This government has established such a topic to obtain benefits from the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs),” he added.

He said that since from the early times people from many religions and nationalities had lived together peacefully in Sri Lanka and added that no such party would have to be provided with unnecessary rights.