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IOC refuses to accept responsibility for fuel crisis

Lanka IOC PLC Managing Director Shyam Bohra has refused to accept responsibility for the fuel crisis that has arisen in the country.

Expressing his views he said, “We brought a shipment of fuel in the second week of October. The responsibility of quality and amount is the responsibility of the supplier. The oil was tested in
CEYPETCO labs. However the sample was rejected as there were visible impurities in the products. And after it was rejected we sent back the fuel to Total Company. Then on October 31 we decided that we could not accept this shipment of fuel.”

Ship in Trinco is not ours: IOC mistake

“With that we stopped all activities. The ship docked at the Trincomalee harbor is not ours. We will take action against the Total Company,” he added.

“We only have 16% of the fuel market here and we have stocks according to our requirement. We will release a small quantity of fuel from Trincomalee daily according to our requirement. If there are allegations that LIOC has committed any wrong, we vehemently refute all such allegations,”  said Bohra.