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Request of Jaliya Wickremasuriya's lawyer denied

Colombo Fort magistrate Lanka Jayaratne yesterday (06) denied a request made by the lawyer of former ambassador to the US - Jaliya Wickremasuriya to produce a secret dossier.

The magistrate stated that all details pertaining to the case should be produced  during open court proceedings.

Noting that an American lawyer had sent a secret and sensitive
dossier on Mr. Wickremesuriya via email, which should not be revealed publicly, the latter’s lawyer had made the above request.

The lawyer also stated that his client is currently unable to appear in court as he is been held in the US due to a parallel probe conducted in the country on the matter.

The lawyer also questioned whether the US has been officially informed if the suspect was guilty of some wrongdoing while on diplomatic immunity.

In response, the magistrate ordered the FCID to inform the court on this manner when the case was taken up again.

Suspect abroad!
Mr. Wickremesuriya, who is currently on bail, had gone to the US state of Georgia for eye treatment, and therefore had not appeared before court yesterday.

The lawyer said his client was unable to leave US according to the country's laws.

The case is to be taken up again on Oct. 30.

Chancery building
The case is in connection with a financial fraud in the purchase of a chancery building for the embassy in US, while Mr. Wickremesuriya was the ambassador.

For the property purchased on 23 October 2012, the embassy paid 6,612,263.35 US dollars, which is an overpayment of 332,027.35 USD.

The overpaid amount should have been deposited in the embassy by 16 January 2013, but the embassy’s agent had sent a cashier’s cheque date 22 October 2013 to the embassy.

It is not clear why that money had not been deposited in the embassy account by the time the settlement statement was issued and where that money had gone during the period from 16 January 2013 to 22 October 2013.