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Hirunika Says Government Should Take Urgent Steps To Prevent Duminda Silva From Evading Prison Cell

Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra said the government should take immediate steps to prevent former MP Duminda Silva from evading his prison cell.

The former Parliamentarian is currently serving a death sentence over the killing of SLFP politician Bharatha Lakshman

Premachandra said Silva had been admitted to the Prison Hospital without any medical grounds.

"Now, there is an attempt to send him to the Eye Hospital. This is unacceptable. He was in prison hospital over the past seven days but he was given only Paracetamol" the MP told media yesterday.

"Duminda Silva used his political clout to evade prison under the previous government. Under the current government too, he is doing the same thing," she said.

The MP stressed it was the responsibility of the current government to prevent Silva from admitting to hospital what she termed "false medical reasons".