Weak organizing alleged at Gajaba Super Cross!

Leading racing driver Ashan Silva was unjustly treated at the Gajaba Super Cross at Saliyapura tracks due to weak organizing, reports say.

The champion was chosen from the SLGT (3500 cylinder capacity)
event, where it took place in two stages as it was participated by 16 drivers.

Those who took the first four places in the preliminary rounds competed in the final.

At the computation for the placement of the participants on the previous day, Silva took the lead and qualified to be at the first place in the preliminary stage.

He was leading in the first six rounds, but was stopped for five seconds at the starting point in the seventh round, claiming he had a faulty start.

Ishraq Wahab overtook Silva in the meantime and was the first to end the round, followed by Silva in second place.

However, racing rules permit a five second stoppage for a faulty start during the first three rounds only.

They wanted to see me defeated

After the round, Silva blamed the organizers and charged they wanted to see him defeated him.

SLADA and the Gagaba Regiment organized the event.

At a previous event, Silva became the champion driver, but SLADA did not give him the award claiming there were charges against him.

Later, he was cleared, but SLADA was yet to give him the award.