Sri Lanka has worst polluted beaches!

Sri Lanka has the fifth worst polluted beaches in the world, Marine Environment Protection Authority manager Dr. Terny Pradeep Kumara told the media at the Government Information Department yesterday (14).

He was announcing plans for the national marine resources
protection week that begins today.

Dr. Kumara went onto say that Sri Lanka released 1.59 metric tons of plastic and polythene into rivers, canals etc each year.

When compared to 1975, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world have seen a 625-fold increase in the use of plastic, he said.

He also said only 10 per cent of the garbage in the beaches are generated on the beaches, and the remaining 90 pc are flown via the rivers into the beaches.

Children from 288 schools to protect beaches

Chairman of the Authority Rear Admiral Rohana Perera said an increase in the population was a key factor in the pollution of the beaches.

More than five million persons in fisheries and tourism sectors depend on beaches for their livelihood, he noted.

To keep the beaches clean, children from 288 schools will make contributions, he said.