Equal attention should be paid to all sports, not just cricket - Patali

The Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that investments made in cricket should also be made in other sports.

The Minister expressed these sentiments upon well-wishing the football and carom teams of the Land Reclamation and
Development Corporation, which are due to represent Sri Lanka on an upcoming Thailand tour.

He also said that all sports including athletics, football, netball, and volleyball should be developed.

The Sports Minister has proposed that we energize the whole country for the 2020 SAF Games, he added.

He proceeded to remark that if the unnecessary attention given to cricket was diverted towards other sports, we would at least win at the continental level.

If football, the most famous sport in the world, was given more priority we can reach a prominent level amongst other Asian countries, despite being a small country, Ranawaka stated.

He proceeded to say that even though Sri Lanka’s strategic location should be made use of to be a country that hosts tournaments of international participation, both the government and private institutions were unfortunately reluctant to fund such ventures.