CEB strike a failure, says Ministry; TU rejects claims

Despite CEB employees launching a work stoppage from Wednesday (13) the Power and Renewable Energy Ministry said it was able to maintain regular supply of electricity without any major disruption.

Ministry spokesman Pathum Pasqual said according to reports, 100 per cent efficiency had been reported in power generation and
transmission while the distribution remained at 65 per cent even though few electricity breakdowns were reported in several areas.

He also said the trade union had even withdrawn CEB staff from the National Hospital risking the lives of patients.

“One cannot justify putting the lives of the patients in hospitals in danger. The ministry appreciates all staff member of the CEB who did not take part in this inhumane trade union action,” he said.

He also said the ministry would supply electricity continuously under any circumstances.

However Ceylon Electricity Employees Union (CEEU) Secretary Ranjan Jayalal told the Daily Mirror yesterday that the strike was successful and the ministry was making false statement to disrupt the trade union action.

“If the strike was unsuccessful why had the ministry asked retired employees to report for work,” he asked.

He also charged that the ministry had made several futile attempts to continue the supply using contractors as a result of which a few workers had been electrocuted.

Power failures had been reported in several areas of the country and it was revealed that they were the results of breakdowns which were not attended. (Thilanka Kanakarathna)