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Teachers’ Union weighs in on leaked A/Level Chemistry paper

The Ceylon Teachers’ Union has stated that prompt investigations need to be conducted over the missing GCE Advanced Level Chemistry paper at an examination centre in Padaviya.

The Teachers’ Union issued a statement that according to sources one Chemistry Part II question paper was missing from a paper
bundle at the examination centre numbered 1407. It was also mentioned that the teachers Union requested the examinations commissioner to conduct an immediate investigation to find out the whereabouts of the missing paper.

It was also reported that a private tutor residing in Gampaha had distributed leaflets stating that he was able to successfully discuss several questions included in the 2017 Chemistry paper through seminars conducted by him.

The Union further stated that the creation of a situation where a government issued question paper goes missing is a severe breach of security and should be treated with a high level of importance. The Union stated that despite the examinations department banning private tuition classes two weeks before the commencement of exams, they were unable to prevent such a situation from arising.

The Teachers’ Union explicitly stated that a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to reinforce the trust thousands of applicants place with the examinations department every year. To prevent a loss of faith and preserve the integrity of the department, the Union stated that a prompt and accurate resolution needs to be provided.