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Sampanthan will be a traitor if he ‘raises his hands’

TNA leader R. Sampanthan will be a traitor to the Tamils of the north and the east as well as the progressive peoples of the south who propagate the provincial councils system if he supports to put off the PC elections that will prevent the creation of new leaders and will empower the Colombo government, or the Sinhala
parliament as Tamils youths describe it, to run the PCs for two years, says CaFFE executive director Keerthi Tennakoon says in a statement.

His statement follows a decision by the elections commission to call for nominations on October 02 to elections for the eastern PC, and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s issuing a gazette notification to announce the 20th amendment to the constitution to put off the elections for the eastern, north central and Sabaragamuwa PCs.

Tennakoon says all PC polls, excepting for the Uva PC, will be postponed.

To shrink the election map

He says more than 30,000 progressive people of the south paid with their lives in support of the PC system as a mode of devolution of powers.

The UNP, which created the PC system, is now grouping with the JVP, that killed opponents, destroyed public property and set fire to buses, to shrink the election map, he says.

13 plus is a pipe-dream

Although the present government came to power with a promise to give powers beyond the 13th amendment, anything beyond that has become a pipe-dream today, says Tennakoon.

People of the north and the east have a right to elect their representatives, but the PM’s proposal is an indication that the PCs will again be superseded by the Colombo government to deny their independence, he notes.

No TNA politician can support the move to put off the PC polls, he says adding that in such an eventuality, progressive Tamil leaders and traditional estate leaderships like the CWC will lose their right to get their representatives elected to office.

The present regime has not yet been able to devolve powers as promised to Muslims of the north and the east as well, he adds.