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Ruling MPs write to PM against 2 AG’s Dept. officers

A group of government MPs urges the government to declare its stand with regard to two top officers of the Attorney General’s Department who function in the presidential commission inquiring into the Central Bank bond sales.

These MPs handed over a letter to the prime minister’s office on August 10, after having extensive talks at the parliamentary
complex with PM Ranil Wickremesinghe with regard to the conduct of the AG’s Department and the two officers in question.

Most ruling politicians, making comments after Ravi Karunanayake resigned from his ministerial portfolio, strongly criticized the conduct of the two AG’s Department officers at the commission.

A spokesman for the PM’s office said the MPs’ letter details the questionable conducts of the AG’s Department in the past.

They have pointed out, with evidence, to the PM that one of the officers in question had provided consultancy services to the Central Bank at a very high fee, while functioning as an employee of the Department.