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Pigeons used to distribute heroin in southern province

A drug dealer is using pigeons to distribute heroin in the southern province, alleges opposition leader of the provincial council Tennakoon Nilame.

He made the allegation at a meeting of the SPC yesterday (08), chaired by deputy chairman Sampath Athukorale.

Nilame identified the dealer as a resident of Waragodella in
Hambantota, and said neither the man nor his family members used drugs.

He has been released from prison and is now using pigeons to distribute heroin to the entire province, and this racket has been going on mainly at schools.

The opposition leader noted that it was not the users, but the dealers who should be arrested if drugs are to be eliminated.

He also charged that the main political parties gave nominations to drug dealers, whose followers use the political affluence to carry on with drug dealing.

Nilame said the media was silent about drug dealers and asked that headline news be carried out about them.

He proposed to the president and the prime minister to impose the death penalty on drug dealers.

He also questioned as to what was happening to the considerable amounts of drugs being nabbed by the authorities.