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Five cases to nab the Rajapaksas’

The government is said to be planning to hand over a report to the AG’s Department next week containing details of large scale corruption and assassination allegations pertaining to twelve issues that should be brought to the notice of the AG.

The report suggests that five files that require urgent action is also
included in the twelve points.

These issues were discussed at length during a meeting with the AG last week, it is said.

The officials of the AG’s Department had pointed out at the meeting the reasons they were unable to file charges regarding the files received by them.

It was also said to have been discussed regarding the displeasure of the people regarding the delay in filing these cases and their disgruntlement with the government.

Judgements within two months!

It was discussed at this meeting that these cases should be brought before a three member or more bench within the current judicial system and that these cases should all be heard and completed within two months.

They had also pointed out that any appeal regarding the judgements could also be completed within a month.
The Attorney General had agreed to act swiftly regarding the scheduled cases. The legal bodies also pointed out that there were several interferences into the judicial processes during the past.

It is said that the AG’s Department is expected to commence legal procedures in this regard before the end of this month.

Before the elections:

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne has openly stated that many political developments will take place in August.

In order to succeed in this judicial process, the UNP is also planning to remove Justice Minister Wijayadasa Rajapaksa from his post.

Meanwhile, the government has planned to hold the Local Government elections by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.