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Facebook protest at Independence Square a flop

The protest that was scheduled to be held at the Independence Square on August 16 against the Sri Lanka Cricket administration, which was greatly publicized on Facebook, had been an utter failure.

The protest was organized under the banner - LET'S SAVE OUR BELOVED GAME.

The protest was to be staged accusing the cricket administration of being weak which had led to the
3-0 test defeat against India.

A huge Facebook campaign was launched, seeking participation for the protest, which had also received a huge response. Most of these protests were also shared on Facebook.

Some Facebook advertisements were also paid for.

However some who participated said the protest was a flop.

Facebook not a suitable place for meaningful debate – Kusal Perera

Currently, social media has become a popular craze among the young and old alike, and even the game of cricket has been highlighted to a great extent, said prominent political journalist, Kusal Perera.

He made this comment in response to a query by Sri Lanka Mirror, if Facebook did not have the power to gather the people to form an opinion.

He said Facebook lacked critical mass.

These social sites comprise of the urban population, which uses social media as a place to have fun and to share and like posts and not the type of crowd you can engage in a meaningful discussion.

He pointed out that Facebook even belittles even the most important issues, while social media has still not reached a point where it could have a positive social impact on important issues.

Changing the context for Facebook activity – Nalaka Gunawardena

The Sri lanka Mirror contacted renowned scientific writer, columnist and social activist Nalaka Gunawardena, who said the context of the issue was being changed to suit FB activity.

He said while Facebook is free of charge, it is an American registered company and payments should be made to promote certain issues.