Customs clean up, change to Act!

The Finance and Mass Media Ministry has decided to change the old Customs regulations and replace them with new regulations and stop the Mafia activities taking place within the customs.

Accordingly, the 150 year old Customs Act is to be completely
amended, while complete internal restricting of the Customs is also scheduled to take place.

The government is being deprived of millions of rupees daily, due to the fraudsters and customs officers collectively cheating the government, which was clearly revealed by the reports called during the past few weeks by Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

Hence, the minister said rules and regulations should be streamlined so that monies due to the government will not be cheated and all date should be systematically computerised.

Mafia protests against computer network?

Although plans are being drawn up to network the computer systems of the Customs, Motor Traffic Department and several other state institutions under the purview of the Finance Ministry, several high ranking customs officials are vehemently objecting to this move.

The reason being that if the computer network is linked their illegal activities will come to light, these fraudsters are against data being collected in a central system.

Therefore, the minister had issued instructions to change this system and expedite the restructuring of the Customs Department.

The Minister had instructed the relevant officials to expedite the Customs Act and to observe the methods adopted by other countries.