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Thusitha Halloluwa demands Rs. 500 m compensation from Weerawansa!

Finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera’s chief of staff Thusitha Halloluwa has sent a letter of demand to NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa, accusing him of having harmed his reputation and demanding Rs. 500 million as compensation.

Halloluwa has informed Weerawansa through his lawyer that he
would file court action within two weeks to claim the damages.

Wimal’s claims

Weerawansa has told parliament, and later claimed at a media briefing that Halloluwa had been detained by the Malaysian police for three days for having entered that country with a fake passport and without visa.

The NFF leader has gone onto say that Halloluwa had been released with the intervention of the topmost authority and by using diplomatic immunity.

None of the mainstream media reported his claim, and only the websites with links to him gave it publicity.

The truth

Sri Lanka Mirror investigated the matter and found that there was no truth whatsoever to Weerawansa’s claim.

Halloluwa had gone to Myanmar after obtaining visa and while on the way back home, visited Malaysia to meet with a friend, a Malaysian doctor.

He got to know only at the airport there that Malaysia has recently canceled the visa exemption for foreigners with official level passports.

Malaysian immigration and emigration officials checked Halloluwa’s passport and finding that it contained visa stamps of the US, Japan and several other countries, issued him with a special permit to stay in the country.

Sri Lankan high commissioner there A.J.M. Muzammil has officially informed the foreign affairs ministry that it was a falsehood that Halloluwa had been arrested in Malaysia.

The documents

To prove that Weerawansa’s claims are wrong, given below are copies of Halloluwa’s passport, visa stamp for Myanmar and the special permit to stay in Malaysia: